2021 Policy Agenda

Based on the principles in the Utah Republican Platform, the Platform Republicans PAC supports the following legislation and votes:

Protecting Life and Liberty

Restricting and/or eliminating abortion and abortion funding.

Making concealed carry permits optional by de-criminalizing the right of citizens to carry a concealed firearm.

Strictly limiting the authority of the Governor or the state or county health departments to issue mandates that deprive citizens of liberty and/or property without due process of law.

Oppose legislation that forces citizens to obtain vaccinations, such as laws requiring a vaccination certificate in order to access public services, get a driver license, or travel on public or private transportation.

Legislation to protect children from being subjected to hormone therapy, gender change operations, or gender transitions.

Directing and funding a state agency to harden Utah’s power grid against an EMP attack or solar event.

Budget, Taxes, and Regulations

Enacting a State budget that cuts, or reduces the rate of growth of, spending on programs and agencies that are not within the proper role of government according to the Utah Republican Platform and the U.S. and Utah Constitutions.

Reducing taxes, with taxation limited to what is necessary to fund the proper Constitutional role of government, and we oppose net tax increases.

Cutting regulations, particularly by repealing one or more unnecessary occupational licensing requirement per session.

Enacting reasonable licensing reciprocity with other states, especially those with the same licensing requirements as Utah.

Oppose legislation that is not within the proper role of government according to the Utah Republican Platform and the United States and Utah Constitutions.

Elections and Accountability

Repealing SB 54 (2014), the Utah law that created the signature path to the primary ballot.

Election reform legislation to: a) impose strict penalties for voter fraud, b) require that county clerks only mail ballots to those who request them rather than to the whole voter roll, c) require county clerks to clean up voter lists every two years, d) ensure that partisan primary elections remain closed only to that party’s voters, e) eliminate Election Day voter registration, f) for each election cycle, only allow voters to switch party affiliation prior to any candidate filing intent to run or gather signatures, g) require that ballots be numbered sequentially to prevent fraud, and h) allow voters the option of voting on a paper ballot with a numbered receipt.

Passing, improving, and enforcing laws to recall or impeach elected or appointed public officials who violate their Oath of Office and/or duty to support and defend the U.S. and Utah Constitutions.

Opposing and voting against judicial or other nominees who support, or have supported, Leftist policies, including abortion, socialism, communism, speech codes, multiculturalism, radical environmentalism, or the Antifa or Black Lives Matter agendas.


Repealing and replacing all aspects of the Common Core program and returning control of curriculum to local school boards.

Increasing parental choice in education through mandate-free tuition tax credits.

Passing legislation to stop school children from being exposed to pornography.


Supporting Utah’s state agencies and counties in seeking access to, and productive use and control of, Utah’s public lands.

Reducing the amount of federal funding received by Utah state agencies, including Medicaid funding and education-related funding.

Prohibiting unconstitutional foreign deployments of Utah’s National Guard troops unless there is a formal declaration of war by Congress, as required by the U.S. Constitution.

Nullifying federal laws and regulations that are not within the proper role of government under the Utah Republican Platform and the United States Constitution.