Supporting the Platform

The Utah Platform Republicans PAC raises money to support Utah House and Senate candidates who stand firm for the principles and values of the Utah Republican Party Platform, including:

  • Limited government under the U.S. and Utah Constitutions
  • Individual responsibility for employment, education, family, health care, retirement, etc.
  • Cutting and eliminating taxes, spending, and regulations
  • Protection of individual rights, as granted us by God and protected by the rule of law, including the right to life, the right to bear arms, religious freedom (including the free exercise of religion in our public schools), and property, parental, and privacy rights
  • Parental choice and a free market in educating our children in traditional values and curriculum
  • Defending traditional moral values, in the belief that good governance is impossible without them
  • Selection of our Republican Party nominees through the caucus/convention/primary system


Based on the principles in the Utah Republican Platform, the Platform Republicans PAC has put together our policy agenda for 2022.


The Platform Republicans PAC is pleased to announce our endorsements for the Utah Legislature for 2022.