The Platform Republicans PAC is pleased to announce our endorsements for the Utah Legislature for 2022.

These candidates have been vetted and are considered to be of the highest integrity and commitment to the principles of the U.S. Constitution and the Utah Republican Platform. Additional endorsements are expected as the races move forward.

Utah Senate:

  • Doug Durbano, SD5
  • Betty Young, SD6
  • Mike Kennedy, SD21 (incumbent)
  • Patrick Larson, SD28

Utah House:

  • Mike Petersen, HD2 (incumbent)
  • Kera Birkeland, HD4 (incumbent)
  • Katy Hall, HD11
  • Karianne Lisonbee, HD14 (incumbent)
  • Trevor Lee, HD16
  • Alena Ericksen, HD18
  • Lyle Mason, HD19
  • Ron Mortenson, HD20
  • Timothy Jimenez, HD28
  • Bridger Bolinder, HD29
  • Judy Weeks-Rohner, HD30 (incumbent)
  • Carolyn Phippen, HD46
  • Stephanie Gricius, HD50
  • Tom Hansen, HD67
  • Willie Billings, HD72
  • Colin Jack, HD73

State School Board:

  • Melanie Mortensen, State School Board 4
  • Kim DelGrosso, State School Board 11

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